It's Not Just about Giving Credit Where Due

18 August 2014
It happens so often. A researcher cites a census—typically accessed online, these days—but does not cite the online provider. Does it matter?

Do You "Just Trust" Citations Offered by Digital Providers?

25 June 2014
EE hopes your answer is "no." Today’s image demonstrates why. Not only do we need to double-check the factual details, but we also need to consider whether the “ready-made citation” actually covers all essentials. The census enumeration maps offered by one of our most-valued providers of digitized records suggests ...

"Duplicate Originals" of the Federal Censuses

29 June 2014
It's a frustration we all know much too well in our census research. Whether we use an online provider of digital images or consult the old-timey microfilm, we find the needed county and state, search for our person of interest, and find nobody by that name. In fact, we find nobody with names—at least not given names. Page after page, there's nothing but initials—not just for heads of households, not just for grown males who may have preferred to be called I.J. rather than Ichabod Jehosophat, but for wives and children to boot. What's the problem? What's the fix? ...

A Vision of Britain through Time

15 May 2014
Historical maps. Statistical atlases. Travel Accounts. Census reports. Historical descriptions. All searchable by place. Take ...

Censuses & Visitation Dates

12 May 2014
For most national censuses, the year of the enumeration is a standard part of the citation. The visitation date, on the other hand, is ...

Citing Key Parties in a Record

10 April 2014
Citations to original records held in courthouses and town halls may vary from one to the next, depending upon the nature of the record and the focus of your own work. For example: ...

Organization of Census Pages & Images:

8 February 2014
Do you study the organization of census pages—and their online images—or do you just accept what's there and look up a name? When the provider has imaged a county in “subdivisions” and arranged those in alpha order, rather than