citation of hard copy of one of 3 original copies of a will dated 1721 and held at the Borthwick


I am wondering how to cite a hard copy of a will I obtained from the Borthwick Archive. This is not a hard copy from a film from a copy in a book ( I am dating myself as this was before digital copies were made for research purposes) as you might assume. I originally sent for and recived a copy of this will (18 pages long) from the Borthwick. It was was totally unreadable. I complained.

Does Sourcing Really Take That Much Time?

Someone, in another forum, asked how to cite a source. Someone else asked “Why?” as in Why bother?  In their opinion,  “Sourcing takes too much time!”

Does it really?

The inquirer had found something of interest in a back issue of  Magazine of Virginia Genealogy, for which Ancestry offers images within a database. She helpfully included a link.

As always in such cases, we have 2 things to cite:

Ready-made Citations?

Prefabrication is a wonderful concept. Like most concepts, it has its uses—as well as undesirable consequences. In a recent thread on EE's Facebook page, a commenter writes: “It’s best to go with the citation any site recommends at [as] it will most likely lead to continuous access no matter how the site changes over time.” For the record ...

The Disciplined Researcher's 20-Question Guide

What is your success rate as a researcher? Does every effort advance your goals or bring you closer to resolving a specific research problem? Do you invest hours that generate no relevant information at all? Do record sets and databases never seem to yield the needed answers to your key questions about events and identities, associations, and relations? Or have you amassed great quantities of data that remind you of the Shakespearean line about “much sound and fury, signifying nothing”? ...