Federal records


Crisis, Opportunity & Published Government Documents

9 February 2019
On 14 August 1814, British forces set fire to the U.S. Capitol, the White House, and other government buildings in the nation's new capital. Out of crisis came opportunity for those of us who study the past, albeit an opportunity that is often overlooked. ... And for those of you who love history's mysteries, and the challenge of using a document as a stepping stone to finding the story behind the record, we offer ...

Federal Records for Local Research

13 May 2014
Last Tuesday, we thought about the less-fortunate Americans of yesteryear, urban dwellers who left few records, and we brainstormed the kind of resources we might be able to find on them in local courthouses and town halls. Today's test takes a different tack ...

Citing Federal Records—Author or Creator

7 April 2014
Many government compilations credit no individual. In those cases, the author is typically the agency. If the agency is also the publisher, your citation may ...